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Cubedron™ Classic
White DoTS™

How do the Cubedron™, Cybedron™ and DoTS™ work?

These new puzzles are based on a unique patented concept, where pyramids rotate in the empty space.

What is the goal of those puzzles?

The goal of the Cubedron™ and the Cybedron™ is to ensure that all the colors match on the sides and at the bottom. For the White DoTS™, the goal is to match the dots which are inside. There are two solutions for the Cubedron™, and going from one to the other is not easy. The Cybedron™ has more solutions, but since it only uses two colors, it can be very deceiving!

What type of materials have been used?

All the materials used are of the highest quality, as someone could expect from a product made in Singapore. The internal hitting of the pyramids as well as the external hitting are issues we seriously took into consideration before we constructed this puzzle.

Can someone perform speedsolving?

Yes. One of the nice things of this puzzle, is that someone can use speed. The smooth rotation of the pyramids inside the sphere, which is a testament of its design and quality, allows fast manipulation and speedsolving.

How does it work?
Demonstration of Solutions
How to fight the parity problem

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