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  Toys & Games  

Always educating and entertaining, MindStrat Puzzles have a new range of exciting toys!

FLiP FLiP: Now here is something to really make you FLiP! The toy version of our patented cubic mechanism, will not only give a big thrill to you, but also to all the kids that may be around you!
King of Cubes: Are you good with cards, logical thinking, and memory? If yes, then it is about time for you to showcase those skills! Create a given card and win more points!
DoTS: If you like Dominoes, then this game is made for you. But even if you are not familiar with Dominoes, you will still be mesmerized by the playability and fun of this game!
Animal FLiP: A FLiP FLiP variation with animals! Teach and learn the names of animals, while having fun and enjoying the unique movement of the gravity cubic mechanism.
FLiP Jungle: Can you "Catch the Monkey" while avoiding the Tiger, the Crocodile, the Rhino, and the Cobra? And who knows, you might even find a Lost Treasure! Your journey inside the Deep FLiP Jungle has already started!
FLiP Space: (PNP): Discover new worlds and alien civilizations in one game, which is literally "out of this world"!

Race Cuber: It is the Singapore Formula One Night Race, and you need to form tracks of different lengths. But always remember, the cars should be all going at the same direction!
Rattle Shake :Inside the spherical egg, there is a snake that "grows" from two parts to nine parts. And beware, it bites!

Comments made by known puzzle and business people for our Gravity Puzzles and Games:
"Everyone knows I only love wooden puzzles, but the Cubedron and the Krystalledron made me to want to touch plastic again!"
Bernhard Schweitzer, Wooden Puzzle Designer
"All puzzles have a mechanism built around a sphere. This is the first time a mechanism is built inside the sphere!"
Konstantinos Verdes, V-Cubes
"This should be called the one-handed puzzle!"
Marcel Gillen, one of the Biggest Puzzle Collectors
"Playing with those puzzles is therapeutic. It's like meditating!"
Roxanne Wong, Twisty Puzzle Collector
"To learn how to properly play the YoYo, you need two months. For the Cubedron you only need two minutes!"
Yuri Grachev, Russian Toy Distributor
"Even if you don't solve it, just playing with it and seeing things and colors and trying to understand it, is better!"
Uwe Meffert, Puzzle Designerr
"The only problem with the Cubedron is that I can't stop playing with it!"
Jason Smith, Twisty Puzzle Collector
"Pantazis Houlis has created a series of simple, but deceptive brain teasers. His Gravity Puzzles seem easy - finding a solving algorithm will require pen/paper. Most importantly, these puzzles can instantaneously appeal to the puzzle pro and newcomer."
Tom Cutrofello, Mechanical Puzzle Correspondent, Games Magazine


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