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This web site brings you information about the world of MindStrat Puzzles and provides a first-hand look at some of our puzzles and related products. MindStrat Puzzles wants to give you the most complete puzzles experience on the Internet that is possible. To help us figure out what you like and don't like about our sites, we may ask for your opinion from time to time. You may also be asked whether you would like to receive information about new MindStrat Puzzles products.

By allowing you to send e-mail to us, we are not attempting to collect any personal information about you. We will only use any personal information (such as name, mailing address and e-mail address) contained in your e-mail to respond to your specific inquiry or comments in the e-mail. Though we may retain your e-mail for a period of time, we will not use any personal information contained in your e-mail for any purpose other than responding to your specific inquiry or comments.

For most activities, we collect only your name and e-mail address. When you make a purchase, we also collect your street and billing addresses, your phone number, and credit card information via PayPal. Sometimes we hire companies to help us deliver products or services, like a shipping company that delivers a package. In those instances, we need to share your information with them. These companies are basically standing in for MindStrat Puzzles, and they are allowed to use the information only to deliver the product or service.

[If you have registered with our site, you may at any time update the contact information we have for you or inform us that you do not want to receive new product information from us by contacting us at MindStrat Puzzles. Please be sure to include in your message the e-mail address you used to register so that we can verify your request.]

We sometimes collect information to find out how people found the MindStrat Puzzles site, which pages they visited, and how long they stayed. This information does not include any personal information about you. We just need to know this stuff so we can keep making this site better and better! MindStrat Puzzles may use "cookies" to enhance your experience at our Web site. Cookies are pieces of information that we may place on your computer to help "personalize" your visit to the site. For example, a cookie will allow us to remember certain things about you, such as your screen name. Most major Web sites use cookies for this purpose. A cookie tells us nothing more than what you choose to tell us. We cannot tell who you are or where you are. The cookie only tells us that you have visited the site before and may contain certain information that will help us make your visit more enjoyable. Cookies are also used for a variety of other purposes. For instance, to keep track of the items in your shopping cart if you purchase merchandise online. MindStrat Puzzles will never use cookies to retrieve information from your computer that was not originally sent in a cookie.

To participate in some of our promotions, you may be asked to provide an e-mail address or screen name, so that we can let you know if you won a prize. For other MindStrat Puzzles promotions, we may request your name and home address in order to send you products or information by regular mail. MindStrat Puzzles cannot distinguish the age of persons who access and use its websites. Children who are minors (according to applicable laws) should seek parent's or guardian's permission before providing this information. Meanwhile, we urge parents to regularly monitor and supervise their children's on-line activities.

MindStrat Puzzles will not share any personal information provided by you with any other person or company without permission. MindStrat Puzzles may in the future request information from you that may be shared with others. In these situations, you will be told of this fact, and given an opportunity to say no. We respect your privacy and your choice not to have your personal information shared with other people.
We reserve the right to change this statement at any time, so visit this page from time to time to check for changes. For additional legal information about our Website, please see our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Thank you and have fun!

[MindStrat Puzzles does not share personally identifiable information gathered from users of the Website with third parties.]
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