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  Gravity Puzzles (Pi-Spheres)  

We are delighted to present to you our newly patented puzzles, based on gravity!

Cubedron: There are two versions of the Cubedron, Classic (with Pharao sticker theme), and Standard. There are five pyramids inside a sphere, which can fall into the empty space made by the missing sixth pyramid. A pure mathematical puzzle with a... parity problem!
Cybedron: Unlike the Cubedron which uses four colors, the Cybedron has only two! But don't be fooled, as the puzzle remains very deceiving, and many big puzzle solvers thought for some time that a solution... did not exist!
Krystalledron: A puzzle which looks more like a jewel, especially the version with clear pyramids. Based on the Icosahedron form, it gives an extra aesthetic pleasure to the eye. The movement is very natural, and as a puzzle, it is as intimidating as its looks!
Icosedron: Meet Krystalledron's first cousin, which has a much easier theme, to ensure that even those not inclined to mathematics, can solve such a demanding puzzle. The Icosedron will surely exercise your mind, as well as your hand movement!
Dr Vain: Connect the mouth and eyes of the most vain and narcissistic puzzle ever existed! A puzzle that the more you underestimate it, the more arrogant it becomes!
Puzzle Ninja Puzzle (PNP): Create many different faces/emotions. Based on the Tetrahedron gravity movement, you may rotate the pyramids to obtain all 54(!!!) different expressions of the Puzzle Ninja. In fact, each state is a solution. More at:

Aquadron: What happens when a Medusa jellyfish enters a Cubic based gravity puzzle? It gets filled with water! Rotate the pyramids (but this time using the opposite way!) to connect all four sets of tentacles to the body of the jellyfish.
Frozen Fruit: What happens when you place a fruit in the freezer? You cannot recognize which fruit it used to be. This is also true with this Dodecahedron based puzzle, but this time, it could be one out of eleven different fruits!
Stelladron: Do not be deceived by the sparkling look of this puzzle's eight colors. It is a lot "brighter" than you can possibly imagine!
Poseidron: Behold! Meet the most difficult challenge yet for the Cubic gravity mechanism. The Tridents of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, are not there just for fun, but to torture your waves, and more specifically, your brain-waves, without mercy!

Comments made by known puzzle and business people for our Gravity Puzzles and Games:
"Everyone knows I only love wooden puzzles, but the Cubedron and the Krystalledron made me to want to touch plastic again!"
Bernhard Schweitzer, Wooden Puzzle Designer
"All puzzles have a mechanism built around a sphere. This is the first time a mechanism is built inside the sphere!"
Konstantinos Verdes, V-Cubes
"This should be called the one-handed puzzle!"
Marcel Gillen, one of the Biggest Puzzle Collectors
"Playing with those puzzles is therapeutic. It's like meditating!"
Roxanne Wong, Twisty Puzzle Collector
"To learn how to properly play the YoYo, you need two months. For the Cubedron you only need two minutes!"
Yuri Grachev, Russian Toy Distributor
"Even if you don't solve it, just playing with it and seeing things and colors and trying to understand it, is better!"
Uwe Meffert, Puzzle Designerr
"The only problem with the Cubedron is that I can't stop playing with it!"
Jason Smith, Twisty Puzzle Collector
"Pantazis Houlis has created a series of simple, but deceptive brain teasers. His Gravity Puzzles seem easy - finding a solving algorithm will require pen/paper. Most importantly, these puzzles can instantaneously appeal to the puzzle pro and newcomer."
Tom Cutrofello, Mechanical Puzzle Correspondent, Games Magazine


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