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MindStrat Puzzles was part of the 2009 Hong Kong International Toys & Games Fair (5-8 January).
Newsletters of the Hong Kong Fair Daily reporting MindStrat Puzzles activity may be found HERE and HERE.
After a successful demonstration of our products at the 2009 Hong Kong Fair, MindStrat Puzzles was also present at the 2009 Nuremberg International Toy Fair (5-10 February).
Pantazis Houlis, the inventor of the puzzles listed in this website, has a rich past of participating in major international puzzle events, as well as being an organiser.

Events we participated in:
University of WA Puzzle Club
Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition

  MindStrat Puzzles was suggested as one of the 10 best reasons to visit the Singapore Book Fair. Please click on the image on the right to view the excerpt.
On the left, Siva Subramaniam, the company's Director, is introducing the Cubedron at Singapore's Book Fair.  
  MyPaper article 1: "Made in Singapore Puzzle Game a World Hit" (click on the image for the PDF file). This article was also part of AsiaOne and Straits Times.
MyPaper article 2: "Why Singapore can be Puzzle-Maker's Hub" (click on the image for the PDF file). This article was also part of AsiaOne and Straits Times.  
  1st Puzzle Ninja Meeting: Winners of the Speedcubing Competitions and the DoTS Challenge, as well as the US $1000 Winner of the World Speed-Cubedron Competition, Alexander Goh from Malaysia!
Many Thanks to Everyone who was part of the 1st Puzzle Ninja Meeting (2pm-5pm, Sunday the 30th of August 2009) at CCAB (which houses the MOE Sports and Recreation Club, Singapore).  
  University of Western Australia's Uniview Magazine: "All set to Puzzle the World" (click here for the PDF file of Volume 28/3 for October 2009 - the article is on page 26 - or click at the photo on the right to enlarge it).
MindStrat Puzzles supported the 2009 Christmas Party at Sunrise Wing, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, in Singapore.  
  MindStrat Puzzles was present at the 2010 Hong Kong Toy Fair! (11-14 January)
MindStrat Puzzles was represented by V-Cubes at the 2010 Nuremberg International Toy Fair (4-9 February, booth at Hall 10.1/ A-17) and the NY Toy Fair.  
  MindStrat Puzzles' Gravity Puzzles & Toys was presented by the Mechanical & Mathematical Puzzle Club (MMPC) at UWA Orientation Day! (19th February).


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