The 2009 Speed-Cubedron Competition has ended!

We thank everyone who participated in the
MindStrat Puzzles Speed-Cubedron Competition
(and we hope you loved our prizes!).

- Conditions -
Only people using the official product (i.e. Cubedron Classic, or Cubedron Standard) can take part.

- Who can take part -
Anyone from any country can take part, except those related to the MindStrat Puzzles company.

- How to take part: Rules -
The Cubedron has exactly two solutions, which you need to find them first and familiarise yourself with them.
Then, we have the following rules:

(1) You must create a video clip of acceptable quality.
(2) You must clearly show the puzzle's start state, as well as the entire manipulation to the end state
(i.e. there will be no dead/blank periods or editing of the movie).
(3) Besides the puzzle, you must ALWAYS be visible (at least from the face to the hands holding the puzzle).
When you send to us the email with your name, we will never reveal your real name (unless you wish to).
(4) You must always show a timer nearby. It can be an old clock, or an electronic timer, as long as it clearly shows seconds.
(5) This video clip should be uploaded to a known online-video resource, preferably YouTube, so that it can be viewed publicly.
We will maintain a regularly updated list of all competitors on our website.
(6) You may start from any of the two solutions, but you must end up to the different solution.
(7) The same person may update his/her video (by sending a new link or video to us), for up to FIVE times.
After that, or after the competition deadline, we will only keep the best one which has not been rejected.
(8) Anyone who is found cheating, will not only be banned from this competition (as well as future ones),
but will also be blacklisted and denied orders from our online shop for life.
(9) The same Cubedron can be used by a different person. There is absolutely no problem with that,
as long as the previous rules are followed.
(10) We encourage you to upload your videos by yourself, as we are very busy. We can still do this for you
if you send us the video
(please use the email contacts at our website,
but if you win, we will subtract US$100 from your prize (so don't be lazy!!!).

- Judges -
The panel of judges are: (a) Pantazis Houlis, (b) Siva Subramaniam, and (c) Stephen Heng.
The judges reserve the right to reject a video which is not made according to the above rules.

- Prizes -
The puzzlers with the best three Cubedron times will have the following prizes:

1st Prize: US $1000 + a special puzzle (signed)
2nd Prize US $500 + a special puzzle (signed)
3rd Prize US $250 + a special puzzle (signed)

4th Prize - 10th Prize, a special puzzle (signed)

Prize disbursement are subjected to any taxes corresponding to the competition-winner's country of origin.

- Duration -
The competition starts now, and you may upload a video anytime, before the end of 29th of August 2009
(Singapore time). The winners will be announced on the 15th of September 2009, on our website.

The winners will be announced during the 1st Puzzle Ninja Meeting right after the speedsolving competitions.

- Winners -
The winners agree to have their names published, because that is the only way we can ensure clarity of the
competition. Any suggestions are welcome, but we do have a nice plan for this. :)

- Where to get a Cubedron -
You may either purchase a Cubedron Classic or Cubedron Standard from our website's Online Shop
or you may be able to buy them from a shop near you (the second option may take more time though).

-The Goal-
As stated you need to start from one of the two possible solutions, use a bit of dexterity and a lot of maths,
and arrive to the other solution. But the most important thing is for everyone to have fun, develop some fair
competitiveness, and motivate everyone to play, enjoy, and invent new puzzles!!!

- Video Demonstration -
There is a video demo for how to participate in this competition.

- Tips/Hints/Extra Explanations -

(1) The Cubedron has exactly two solutions, let's call them "solution A" and "solution B". Those solutions are presented in the image above, assuming that we are looking at the bottom of the puzzle. By using normal movement, there exists a 10-move algorithm to rotate a pyramid piece by 180 degrees. Please see the photo-solution below for this (this time we assume that we are looking at the Cubedron from the top, and that the empty space is always on the top). But what happens when you want to rotate a piece by 90 degrees? For this there is no mathematical way, and dexterity must be used. You could jiggle the puzzle, or you may invent some other efficient way to do this. We will refer to the 90 degree dexterity move as the "D move". The "D move" is demonstrated in the animation on the left.

(2) Using normal (mathematical) moves, it is impossible to go from "solution A" to "solution B", or from "solution B" to "solution A". This is because each solution exists in a different dimension, that is, "solution A" exists in "dimension A" and "solution B" exists in "dimension B". There are no other dimensions except from those two dimensions. To switch to the other dimension, you need to apply the "D move". By applying the "D move" an even number of times (to one or different pieces) you will continue to be in the same dimension. Therefore, you need to apply the "D move" an odd number of times (the minimum is one!).

Doing the "D move", is not easy, as you may think you have done it, but you could have accidentally rotated more than one pieces by 90 degrees. Remember, the "D move" must be applied an odd number of times to change dimension and reach the other solution. Someone may ask, "how do I know that the dimension has changed, so that I can proceed to find the other solution?". Well, this is the difficult part, as you need to observe WHEN it happens and IF it happens. Our way of doing the "D move" is shown inside the solution sheet, but this method may not be the best. You may surely come up with a nicer method. Another way to check whether you have done the "D move" or not, is to try to get the actual "solution B". If the new solution is still 90 degrees away from being solved, then obviously, the first time you applied the "D move" did not work! In a similar way, once you are in "dimension B", you can never go back to "solution A" (which is in "dimension A") without re-applying the "D move".

Summarising, to go from one solution to another, you will definitely need to apply the "D move". But encountering the 180 degree issue or not, depends on how much you mixed the puzzle while applying the "D move".

(4) In the competition you START from one of the two solved states, and the goal is to end up to the only other (different) solved state. In the video, we give MORE THAN A HINT regarding those two solutions, in fact, we reveal them!

The logical steps for a competition video would be:
(a) Have the puzzle in "solution A" position and show the solved state.
(b) Start the timer and show it.
(c) Apply the"D move" to go from "dimension A" to "dimension B".
(d) Use mathematical logic (and if you come across the parity problem, use the
180 degree ten-move algorithm) to end up to "solution B".
(e) Stop the timer and show the time (we will then count the time for you).
(f) Show the new solved state (i.e. "solution B") for confirmation.

(6) For the sake of fairness, if two puzzlers have exactly the same timing, the winner is the one who presented his/her video earlier.

We reserve the right to change the dates and/or prizes of the competition at any time.
For any other questions, please let us know!
You may start posting on YouTube now if you feel confident that you can follow the rules (you have five chances anyway).
Remember, you simply need to show yourself, the puzzle and a timer at all times.

Good Luck!


The MindStrat Puzzles Team


(payments and prizes to be taken care of before the end of September) :

"END OF AUGUST" BIG COMPETITION (US$1750 cash + puzzles prizes to be won!)

Alexander Goh
US 1000 + signed puzzle
Alec Licata
US 500 + signed puzzle
Felix Lee
US 250 + signed puzzle
Joshua Brugnar
signed puzzle
Lukasz Cichecki
signed puzzle
Eric Johnson
signed puzzle
Jaap Scherphuis
signed puzzle
Lucas Garron
signed puzzle
Cameron Couch
signed puzzle
Jon Hardman
signed puzzle


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