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MindStrat Puzzles was founded by two friends, Greek-Australian Pantazis Constantine Houlis and Indian Siva Subramaniam, who knew each other since their University days. During that time, both were committed to their postgraduate studies and had successfully completed their degrees.

Now the two friends, have started a brave adventure in the puzzle business, by combining their strengths in mathematics and business.

Pantazis (BSc & MSc in Mathematics, and PhD in Control Engineering) a puzzle expert and designer, and Siva (BSc in Chemical Engineering, MBA) a business strategist and organiser, have already achieved many milestones in this business, that many others would envy.

The company is based in lovely Singapore, a country which is famous for its quality products as well as the dedication and discipline in materialising concepts from theory to practice.

The MindStrat Puzzles team grows day after day, and now the company can easily manufacture, package, mould, and mass produce quality items.

Contacting MindStrat Puzzles is easy. You may order our new types of gravity based puzzles (and all other puzzles) via our Online Shop, but for larger orders and/or distribution prices, please contact:

MindStrat Puzzles Pte. Ltd.
(Company Registration Number: 200820952Z)

Registered Address:
809 French Road #06-156 Kitchener Complex Singapore 200809

Singapore (Siva) - Tel:  +65-9632 8745 Fax: +65-6494 2479 Email:
Australia (Pantazis) - Tel:  +61-403025901 Email:


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